The life of the insulating components can be reduced in the event of a considerable overheating of the motor. It is necessary to use the shutdown periods of the motors to clean the coils of the windings and if necessary, filters must be installed in the ventilation systems of the motors, making maintenance more exclusive.

Be careful when storing and installing the motors in a healthful place. Check for signs of smoke and periodically check the insulation conditions, equipping motors with alarm components and protection to avoid short circuits.

It is also necessary to check for possible noises, vibrations and overheating signals by periodically recording temperatures during operation. The main factors that lead to the degradation of insulators are factors such as line overvoltage, current overcurrent in the starters, the accumulation of dust that causes conductive bridges and attack by acid vapors or gases entrained by ventilation.    reelcraft

In order to prevent deterioration of these insulating components, it is recommended to take some measures, such as adequately providing power boards with suitable protective devices and controls, and periodically checking their operation.